Beth Bernat(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!!
Mr. Sharper, my friend Harry Jackson and I met you on the Ridge in Port Angeles, WA. You were looking at Mt. Olympia and Harry, being the local knew all of the history and pointed it out. Both Harry and I commented on your graciousness and interest for capturing Mother Nature in photographs. Your pictures are truly beautiful and demonstrate your passion for the art. We hope you were able to capture the sunset you were looking for and it was a pleasure to meet you. SS
Janice Smith(non-registered)
Ceasar these photos are absolutely breath taking. You have a great talent; continue to use it. Love you!
maria bracey(non-registered)
Ceasar just great
Ron Nelson(non-registered)
Hello Caesar,
Nice photographs. Beverly and I were looking at the pictures you took of our wedding in 1974. I have great memories of our time at the University of Detroit!
Dr Rosner(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!!!!
Hi! , I met you today at Hidden Pond Park in Springfield. Your photos are awesome! Great to meet another local photographer, shoot together sometime?
Met you today at Kenilworth Aquatic Garden. Your photos are wonderful. As a newbie to photography they truly imspired me.
Stephen talked about your photographic expertise and I am privileged to concur; your photographs are exceptional, interesting, and very pleasing to the eye. The broad range of subjects reflect on your photographic abilities. Very well done and much appreciated.
Robert Metheney(non-registered)
Wonderful images! Let's go shoot sometime.
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