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Sunrise at Assateague Island_CDS2064Snow Geese in the Morning Sky_CDS2083Beach Gull_CDS2313Snow Geese Three Step_CDS3370Snow Geese Taking Flight_CDS2958Snow Geese Blast Off_CDS2982Juvenile Bald Eagle_CDS3211Snow Geese High Overhead_CDS2546Thousands of Snow Geese_CDS2998Mass Landing_CDS2629Geese Landing_CDS3732Snow Geese Formation_CDS2676Snow Geese Overhead_CDS2500Snow Geese Splash Down_CDS3738Evening Blast Off_CDS3991Evening Roost_CDS4073Late to the Party_CDS4040Sunset BW_CDS4074Snow Geese Sunset_CDS4083Sunset on Assateague Island_CDS4115